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About me

* 1935 I was born in the northern part of Germany near the town of Schleswig.
* 1945 my first encounter with radio technology was at 10 years of age.

At the end of WWII, there was a signal corp in resolution, located in our village.
For us boys, there were all sorts of signal and radio equipment laying around to prey.
Field telephones, many hundred meters of cable and the such.
We didn´t understand the function of this equipment at that age.
I had, among others, a Morse key, a
black-brown mouse
now called "German Mouse" with which I got into a lot of trouble.
Reason: the plugs could/would fit into any standard electric outlet socket.

* 1952 during my apprenticeship, I had a further contact with radios.

One of my trainers/(teachers) was wireless operator during the war and later became radio amateur.

* 1955 I moved to Erkrath (RHL) -for work-
* 1960 I got contact to amateur radio club OV-R09.
* 1963 I became a menber of OV-Mettmann, today
Neandertal OV-R-09
* 1969 C license DC3JA
* 1973 A license DK7JC
* 1974 B license
* 1975 French Guest licence F0BTM during my holiday on the island of Oleron.
* 1982 OVV op to 1982 R-09 to 1990, then-OVV deputy until 2006.
* 2002 I bought on the "Ham Radio" the book,
Fascination Morsetasten by Gregor Ulsamer DL1BFE

Up to this time, I had quite a few telegraph-keys, but after reading this book,
I was so fascinated, so that I decided to collect even more.

What has become of it ? Just take a look into my collection.

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